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We believe in easing all forms of suffering whenever possible. It is sometimes as simple as a fresh cup of water, a warm bowl of food, or a blanket.
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We understand that there are different levels of homelessness.

We also understand that there are many gaps in services for marginalized individuals in need. We proudly serve anyone within or outside of current services available with basic necessities and immediate needs such as food, water, hygiene supplies, basic medical care, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, coats, tarps, and more.

We are unable to assist juveniles but have agencies we work with and are glad to refer them to.

We proudly serve any individual in any stage of homelessness.

We enjoy participating in this mutual aid structure we’ve built. This is not charity. Charity implies that the giver and the recipient are of a different relationship structure with a one-way transaction. Charity can sometimes imply that the recipient cannot or does not offer the giver anything in return. We have much to gain from our unhoused friends in the form of joy, knowledge, shared moments, and friendship. Many of our unhoused friends are frequently helping us distribute, carry heavy items when needed, knitting scarves in winter with donated yarn, and more. Charity can also often come with strings or conditions attached to the transaction. We choose to give radically, freely, and unconditionally. We meet people exactly where they are. No exceptions. There are no “hoops” one has to jump through to receive services from us. No waiting times. No expectations of sobriety or piety.

our goal is to fill in the gaps of unmet, immediate needs.

We understand, appreciate, and recognize the many services available to those in need. However, when looking at the current options available to those in crisis we felt there were still large gaps in the unmet immediate needs of our unsheltered friends. 

We see and hear our unhoused friends in the process of gaining housing vouchers, rehabilitation opportunities, mental health services and more who still have a tough time with their day to day, immediate needs and comforts that the rest of us take for granted. We also see our homeless friends in crisis who, for one reason or another, are not able to currently take full advantage of the opportunities available to them and we firmly believe that those individuals still deserve basic humanitarian comforts.

it all started with one person serving hot soup in 2018.

CoMo Mobile Aid Collective started in 2018 with just a single individual espousing the core values of direct action and radical hospitality! It all started with a hot pot of soup, cups, and spoons out of the back of a Subaru on a cold winter day.

CoMo Mobile Aid Collective has since transformed and flourished into an entire organization and multiple teams with dedicated areas of expertise.

Our street teams now serve approximately 120 meals twice a week during spring, summer, and fall and three days a week during the winter season. We have a wonderful set of bakers and cooks who proudly prepare large amounts of delicious food for our street teams to distribute.
Providing direct aid and immediate assistance to unsheltered friends in Columbia, Missouri. Powered by volunteers and donations.
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