access to food + Water

Our street teams proudly serve 200+ meals every week throughout the year.

Our Mobile Soup Kitchen

Our street teams now serve approximately 120 meals twice a week during spring, summer, and fall and three days a week during the winter season. We have a wonderful set of bakers, local restaurants, and cooks who proudly prepare large amounts of delicious food for our street teams to distribute.

Local Partnerships for food donations

We have established relationships and developed partnerships with a handful of restaurants, churches, and businesses around town who provide us with their surplus food items to avoid restaurant waste, drop points for donations, expanded shower hours and locations, unlimited ice access, free coffee for winter breakfasts, and more.
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Access to water

Heat, humidity, and sun are brutal during mid-Missouri summers. Free and open access water sources are not easy to come by on the street. They often require walking several hundred yards or up to a mile to a friendly place that can help with hydration. When folks are out on the street this can really take a toll. Our Aqua Squad is a dedicated group of volunteers who drop cold or frozen gallons of water to dozens of different drop points around town when temperatures are over 85 degrees.
Providing direct aid and immediate assistance to unsheltered friends in Columbia, Missouri. Powered by volunteers and donations.
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