access to Medical supplies + Treatment

In addition to our mobile medical van of basic first-aid and hygiene items, we proudly offer a twice weekly pop-up medical clinic at Loaves and Fishes staffed by volunteer nurses, EMTs, nurse practitioners, and medical students eager to help our friends on the street. 

Providing a pop-up med clinic 
& mobile Medical Services...

Our unhoused friends on the street face innumerable challenges to getting the proper medical care that they need. We proudly offer a twice weekly pop-up medical clinic, appointment setting, appointment transportation and followup, hygiene, over the counter medicines, and other health items for those in need whether they come to our clinics or are out in camps. Additionally, one of our old e250 vans has been outfitted and loaded up with all sorts of first aid and hygiene items for our nurses to hand out on our route on Med Mondays.

pop-up med Clinic

Our medical clinic on Mondays and Thursdays at Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen inside Wilkes Boulevard Methodist Church from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. has exploded over the last 18 months and serves up to 50 people each night it's open. 

At this clinic someone may receive basic wound care, toiletries and hygiene items, over the counter medications, blood pressure and blood pressure checks, all for free!

Our medical volunteers, phone-call-makers, and transportation team volunteers also help folks with medical appointment setting and medical appointment transportation.

compassionate care

Radical hospitality and immediacy continue to be two of our biggest guiding values. We are proud to meet meet people where they are multiple times a week and offer the opportunity for them to feel comfortable, seen, heard, and taken care of. Medical care while homeless can be very overwhelming and dehumanizing. Our medical volunteers take tremendous pride in sharing these vulnerable moments with our friends on the street while also helping with their medical concerns.  

Thrift Store Thursdays &
Mundie Undies!

Folks experiencing homelessness often face difficulties getting basic clothing items, including underwear and socks! Clean stockings and skivvies go a long ways in making everyone feel cleaner, better, and more human.  

We are thrilled to offer Mundie Undies and Thrift Store Thursdays with our Med Clinic to give people a chance to pick up necessary clothing up to twice a week. 

Prescription Medical Fund

So many people are unable to afford or easily access their medications. They may have major mobility issues and be unable to get to a drugstore after being discharged from a hospital. They may not have their documents in order to obtain their prescription for free. Or they may be simply unable to afford their prescription medications. We have a small medical fund dedicated to helping those on the street with urgent prescription needs.
Providing direct aid and immediate assistance to unsheltered friends in Columbia, Missouri. Powered by volunteers and donations.
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