Nominate COMAC for Best of Columbia

February 14, 2023

It's that time of year again for Columbia...time to nominate the Best of Columbia 2023 for Inside Columbia magazine! We're excited to try and see if we make the first round of nominations to to make it to final voting.

So please, if you appreciate our work and see its wonderful value, please follow the link and instructions below:

  1. Please click on and follow this link -
  2. Scroll down and the "Best" categories over to the left under "Local Favorites" should have a "Best Nonprofit" category to click.
  3. Scroll to the bottom, enter "CoMo Mobile Aid Collective", fill in the cells asking you to tell them a little more about us, your email address, and name.
  4. Click "Nominate".

That's it! Hopefully we'll make it to the final round. **Nominations end March 8th!** Tell your friends and loved ones who love our work to nominate us as well.

And THANK YOU so much for your continued support and advocacy!!!

Providing direct aid and immediate assistance to unsheltered friends in Columbia, Missouri. Powered by volunteers and donations.
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